Dr. Rekha Ramankutty

Dr. Gokulan B. G
Netrachikitsa specialist (Visiting)
July 28, 2016

Dr. Rekha Ramankutty

Dr.Rekha Ramankutty, B.A.M.S, D.Pharm, is a Clinical Registrar and RMO at Ramaiah Indic

Specialty Ayurveda. She completed her graduation in Ayurveda from prestigious SDM College of

Ayurveda, Hassan, RGUHS University, Bangalore. She has more than 10 yrs. of experience in the

field of Ayurveda clinical practice.


She had in-house training cum working experience in Ayurveda and Panchakarma under

Guru Asthavaidyan Moss, at Vaidyarathnam Oushalsala, Thrissur and later began her

own clinical practice.


Worked as Medical Officer at IAIM Bangalore under able guidance of Dr.

G.G.Gangadharan and Dr.T.K Girija Kumari. She has extensive training and practice in

Panchakarma and other sodhana treatments in Ayurveda and was also given guidance in

managing both clinical and administrative functions of the hospital. She later upheld the

post of RMO (2009) and successfully managed to coordinate daily activities of hospital.

As NABH coordinator, her team succeeded in getting the Quality NABH accreditation

certificate for IAIM in the year October 2014.She was broadly trained in Ayurveda

Ophthalmology practice under Guru Dr.B.G.Gokulan (since 2008) and later led the

Shalakyatantra (Eye and ENT) dept. under his support.

2016-till date:

At RISA, Practicing in Ayurveda Ophthalmology and ENT. Handling the Specialty unit by

assisting Dr.B.G.Gokulan (Specialty Ophthalmologist) and Dr.Yogidas.K (Specialty Marma

Chikitsa) during their specialty visits. As RMO; has been supporting Dr.T.K Girija Kumari in all

her Clinical operations.