1During menopause what should we take to balance the hormonal change? I am a 51 year old home maker, and have been experiencing extensive hot flushes since six months. After eating chapathis, I feel a bloating sensation and itching all over my body. A strict vegetarian by diet, how do I cope with the changes in my body?
During these days, hot flushes are very common. If you stop eating pitta aggrevating foods like deep fried items, pickles, maida, white sugars and coffee, these flushes can be drastically reduced. Take one bowl full of steamed Asparagus tubers (shatavari) with milk in the morning and evening. Also Pravala Bhasma 250 mg with 30 ml of Chandanasava is found to be useful. Stick to vegetarian diet.
2I am 31 years old and my height is 5 feet tall.After normal delivery of one and a half years, my weight is still not coming down and it is stuck at 75 kilograms. I have done everything like drinking 20 glasses of water every day and eating a well-balanced diet. I have migraine problem, hair baldness, slip disc, severe back pain , shoulder and neck pain. Please suggest me a home remedy to reduce my weight and back pain.
Taking 20 glasses of water itself can increase your weight. Especially after food is one of the causes for obesity. Stop that first please. One can take moderately two litres of water a day. If you put one handful of venga kathal(pterocarpus marsupium) and boil and drink this water only, this will help in reduction of weight. Reduce quantity of wheat and rice in your diet. Partly supplement with horse gram. Take lot of boiled vegetables. Do not take tubers like potato. Take half liter of one day old buttermilk diluted with equal quantity of water and fortified with ginger, curry leaves, and green chillies. Take triphla 0r horsegram powder massage once a week regularly, preferably done by a professional. Eat less in the night. Eat fruits and vegetables for breakfast and heavy meals once, that too without rice and wheat. Once in a month undergo virechanam (purgation with Avipathi choorna.) Do not take deep fried items, highly oiled and salted pickles, urad dal products etc. All these measures will definitely help to reduce your weight.
3A 23 year old marketing professional recently shifted to Bangalore, I am experiencing extensive hair loss. I have tried Bhringaraja oil for four months and even minoxidil solution but no use and I am continuously losing hair. I have an oily scalp, and so am unable to use much of oil also as I get acne after that. Please suggest something.
If you are using helmet, cover your hair first with a good cotton scarf, and then only put the helmet. Apply Bringamalaki coconut oil on the scalp (root of the hair) every day half an hour before bath. Just massage for two minutes. Then take head bath in cold water. Do not remove the oil with shampoo. Use either Hibiscus leaf paste or green gram powder. Increase your Agni(digestive power) by using Hinguvachadi choorna one teaspoon with half cup of buttermilk twice a day before food. Take Narasimha Rasayanam, one tablespoon at bedtime followed by a cup of milk. Do not be awake till late in the night. If possible 10-15 minutes nap after lunch is good. Avoid fried items, curd, pickles, and baked food etc. This measure will generally help you in this condition.
4A 44 year old woman, in the past I was diagnosed with gastritis and put on medication. It seemed to clear up a bit but never went away totally. I have always had stomach problems, now it is extremely painful. I have no appetite, terrible burning pain in my upper left stomach, nausea, burping, and my stomach makes terrible noises and pain is so intense it goes around my left side and feels like it is burning a hole through my back. I have also been on antidepressants for about 1 year and do not want to take any more tablets. Is there any Ayurveda remedy?
In gastritis you should take monthly purgation for six months. Use Avipathikara churna choorna for this purpose once a month . Take every day at bedtime one tablespoon of phalasarpis followed by a glass of milk. Take one spoon of shadharana choorna with warm water after food. Take 15ml of Ardrakasavam just before food twice a day. For your depression, take Ashwagandha choorna one tablespoon with hot milk in the night. Apply Ksheerabala 101 few drops on head two hours before sleep. Wash your legs with running cold water before sleep.
5What is the best natural remedy for high blood pressure and low blood pressure and how long a patient should take that?
Blood pressure is a very broad term and is of different etiology (causes). So unless we know the cause of high / low Blood pressure it is one cannot say any remedy. However in idiopathic Hypertension (where kidney function is not involved) three tablespoon of Moringa(drumstick) leaves with one tablespoon of honey early morning on empty stomach is found to be useful. This is good only in High BP. Low BP will be due to malnutrition, vitamin deficiency and anaemia. A good blend of food with proper timings with good taste alone will do the trick. If there is a specific reason you should visit a good physician. Dashamoola kashayam and dhanwantararistam can be tried in low BP, as well as high BP. This combination has a balancing effect in the body to bring in equilibrium.
6I am facing severe dandruff problem since last two months and used different shampoos without any result. I am also facing hair fall. Which herbal medicine can I use to solve this problem?
Please apply a combination of Durdurapatradi coconut oil and Malatyadi thailam half an hour before bath. Wash your head once in a week with a combination of fresh lemon juice mixed with fine paste of Tulasi leaves with a pinch of camphor in it. Massage the scalp with this combination for 10 minutes and wash. Do not use any chemical shampoo to clean your hair. Use green gram powder in paste form with water for this purpose. Do not eat fried items, curds and pickles . Take one tablespoon of pure ghee with your meals.
7I am suffering from colo-rectal cancer since 2008 and still taking treatment at a cancer hospital at Bangalore. I have undergone surgery thrice, more than 25 cycles of chemotherapy with different combination of drugs and radiation therapy. Recently I have been given eight cycles of chemotherapy with Avasten ( a monoclone antibody) in combination with a chemotherapy, I have lost considerable weight , about 15 kilograms and am feeling too weak to do any work. Kindly advise me the Ayurveda supplement to improve my health and immunity. For the last 1 month I am drinking Noni Juice, about 15ml juice mixed with water, twice daily.
Please take fresh pieces ( stem) of Tinospora Cordifolia( Guduchi), remove the outer brown skin and cut into small pieces. Take a handful of this stem and slightly crush it and put it in hot water. Keep it overnight and squeeze the stem into the water , filter it and take this juice on empty stomach in the morning. Take one tablespoon of Kooshmanda Rasayana at bedtime with warm water.
8My grandmother has been suffering from acidity and back pain. Whenever I massage her left shoulder, she begins to burp. Is there a connection between the two? She is 79 years of age and takes Triphala in the night every day. Any Suggestions?
This condition is quite common in this age. She needs a good body massage with karpasastadi thailam. Take Triphala choornam with diluted warm milk instead of warm water. For Acidity, one tablespoon of shatavari powder (asparagus) along with 1tsp dry powder of Amalaki( gooseberry) with warm water after every meal . By taking massage, the acidity in the system will be relieved and digestion will improve.
9My daughter of 14 years regularly complains about abdominal pain and stomach cramps during her monthly periods. Can you please suggest any home remedies for her?
7 days before the due date of her monthly periods, ask her to take a decoction made of black sesame (Til, 20gms) and water (250ml). Reduce the quantity of to 100ml, mix it with 10 grams palm jiggery and give this to her in the evening at 5pm. Let her stop this when her periods start. Also apply on her lower abdomen few drops of Dhanwantaram 101during the menstruation time. If you can get Hibiscus flowers (reed), then grind the flowers and mix the juice in water, honey and lemon and ask her to drink it. This is a very tasty preparation and she will enjoy drinking it.
10 My mother who lives in UK suffers from Rheumatism. She has a swollen ankle and severe knee joint pains. Could you please tell me what would bring relief to her? I am in France.
Give Trikatu( pepper,long pepper,dried ginger)powder, 1 teaspoon with honey to be taken twice daily, 1 hour before food, followed by warm water. Sesame oil processed with black pepper or Trikatu + rock salt is to be applied gently for ½ hour followed by hot fomentation. A simple formulation called Asta choornam if taken twice daily before food with warm water in doses of 1 teaspoon each is recommended. For a complete and effective treatment, your mother will need an in house intensive treatment of 3-4 weeks in a reputed Ayurvedic Hospital under complete supervision.
11Patient is female, around 55 years of age with Psoriasis who happened to be my cousin sister .Started as small patches some 3 years back. Tried various allopathic and homeopathic treatments but with temporary relief. In fact, the patches have now spread around the ankle, groin, back and hands. The patient constantly has itching and the problem has become worse. Feels depressed, need urgent help.
Psoriasis needs an experienced physician’s consultation and supervision. However do not take fried items, tamarind, bakery products with yeast and curd. Take lot of steamed vegetables and fruits. Apply Vetppala thailam 2-4 times a day to keep the skin always smeared with oil when you are at home. Do takra dhara under the supervision of a doctor once a week. Take Tiktaka gritham every day, at bedtime followed by warm water for a month.
12I have bad tooth pain occasionally, and have had broken teeth over last 5 years which has gone down to gums. Should it be removed and should I see a dentist? Also, can you please suggest a remedy for sensitive tooth? What supplements will help my mouth and gums heal after my teeth are pulled out?
Yes, you should visit a Dentist for a complete evaluation. Clove oil mixed with equal quantity of sesame oil should be made warm and gently massaged on the gums and teeth. The same oil can be used for gargling. It is best to do it twice a day. Calcium rich food intake will help too.
13 A 35 year old woman, in the past I was diagnosed with gastritis and put on medication which has reduced but never gone completely. I have always had stomach problems like no appetite, terrible burning pain in my upper left stomach, nausea, burping, and my stomach makes terrible noises and the pain is so intense it goes around my left side and feels like it is burning a hole through my back. I am also on antidepressants for about 1 year and wants to stop tablets. Is there any ayurvedic remedy?
In gastritis you should take monthly purgation for six months. Use Avipathikara choorna for this purpose. Take every night at bedtime, one tablespoon of phalasarpis followed by a glass of warm milk. Take one spoon of shaddharana choorna with warm water after food. Take 15ml of Adrakasavam just before food twice a day. For your depression, take Ashwagandha choorna, one tablespoon, with hot milk in the night. Apply ksheerabala oil (few drops on head, two hours before sleep. )Wash your legs with running cold water before sleep.
14 I have had some serious stress and anxiety issues in the recent past which were termed as vaata imbalance by an ayurvedic doctor. I was advised a lot of medicines and suggested I get Shirodhara and Abyangam done. Initially I felt a tingling sensation in my head, vision blurriness and palpitation. I took this ayurvedic treatment for 14 days. Three days after the treatment, I started feeling numbness in my whole body, dizziness, my blood pressure dropped to 90/60, and I could not handle stress anymore nor could I do normal things such as exercise or yoga. I also experienced strange symptoms such as heat intolerance and muscle numbness. Was it due to the massage I took?
Any massage appropriately done will not have any adverse effects. Abyangam is the only external treatment mentioned in Ayurveda that can be practiced every day without the reference to the place and climate. But dhara is done ONLY UNDER AN EXPERT PHYSICIAN guidance . To say about the side effects, we should know which oil was used for dhara and Abyangam. However should not be done with force on a weak bodied person and no pressure also should be used.
15A 31 year old male from India, but based on Dubai, I am suffering from red eyes problem since many years, though I am using eye drops, having only temporary relief but are unable to provide a permanent cure. My eyesight is well and good except for my bloodshot eyes. Can you recommend something?
You may be pitta prakruthi person. Do not use any eye drops for this. Please put a few drops of patoladi Gritham on both eyes with Triphaladi Kashayam eye wash . Eat green drumstick leaves. Apply Shudhabala thailam on head every day. Use glasses when you are going out. Take one teaspoon of Triphala gritham for three months at bedtime.
16 Recently, I and my wife have taken out a report on lipid profile. In both our cases, the LDL and triglycerides are on the higher side. HDL is around 45. Please advise how to reduce cholesterol.. My wife is also suffering from High blood pressure, migraine, Thyroid, and sometimes her heart beats are on speedy side. Please advise suitable medicine/ ayurvedic medicine and diet. We cook usually in ground nut oil.
For LDL and triglycerides you take the following combination for 2 months. Roasted horse gram powder half teaspoon mixed with half teaspoon of Panchakola choornam and honey. Make a paste and take it before breakfast and before lunch. Take horsegram soup every day. If you can get plantain stem juice drink that every day. Switch over to gingelly oil. Eat a lot of leafy vegetables and reduce the intake of urad daal in your diet. Check the LDL and triglycerides after 3 months. For your wife’s problems, since there are multiple conditions please meet a good physician.
17A 30 year old media professional, I have mild depression or mood swings from time to time that lasts for up to 4 days to a week. Now I find the frequency is increasing day by day. Is there any ayurvedic remedy for the same?
Take two Manasa mitra vatakam at night with milk. Take Maha Kalyanaka Gritham 1 tablespoon in the morning on empty stomach . If you can see some good ayurvedic Physician, under his supervision do vamana karma after a proper snehana karma with panchagavya gritham. Take every day stem and centre stigma of white Lotus flowers roasted in ghee. Flower vendors may have this in plenty. Do pranayama for 30 minutes in the morning. Do not be alone. Be with your family members always. Go with them for outings if circumstances permits. If you are religious go to Hanuman temple, a symbol of most activeness in the deepest calamity and in front of the deity take the name of Lord Rama. Do not take hanuman’s name. Do it on Saturdays.
18I am a 45 years old marketing professional, 160 cm tall weighing 78 kilograms. I am mainly pitta prakruthi person. I suffer from tendonitis in the right knee, back pain on the left side down and most of my joints have cracking sound ,I also suffer frequently from acute hyperacidity, always feel nervous and tensed because of work problems. I sometimes suffer from hemorrhoids and heartburn. Last but not least I suffer from a syndrome of obstructive sleep apnea. Is there any Ayurvedic remedies for my condition?
It is good to hear that you know about prakruthi … etc… Use Pure cow’s ghee of one tablespoon with hot food every day . Take 1 glass of boiled water with Amalakee choornam (one glass of water with one tablespoon of Amalakee choornam) at bedtime. Then take one teaspoon of mahakalyanaka Grutham followed by warm water. Apply Vilwampachottyadi thailam on head half an hour before bath. These medicine should medications can be taken for 30 days .Avoid cold water head bath. Use Luke warm water also for head bath. Do not take very cold items thinking that you are pitta prakruthi. Take pomegranate regularly. These are all general treatment for this condition. Since there are multiple problems you have to visit a good physician to fine tune this treatment if necessary. Avoid milk products except ghee for some time.
19I am a 60 year old retired from job, having a general good health, please give us the guidelines from Ayurveda for healthy ageing.
If you have good health and no Hypertension or diabetes, daily do brisk walk for an hour, on a straight even road. Take green gram soup every day. Enjoy warm oil massage once a week with plain ksheerabala taila or Dhanwantara tailam. Eat moderately and avoid fried and baked food. Do pranayama for 15 mins to 30 mins. Watch your weight. Sleep well in the night and have head massage every day and take hot water bath.
20A 32 year old house wife, suffering from migraine pains since long which surprisingly erupt in the months of July- August and again in November and then disappear. Right side head ache up to back of the right ear with nose block and feeling of thirst are usual symptoms. Earlier, doing yoga and pranayama has helped me a lot but now it has returned this month. I have started Homeopathy which has reduced the intensity and frequency of the migraines, but I want a permanent cure. Any advice please?
Take some laxatives like Avipathi choornam to clean the bowels once a month. Ask a Vaidya in your neighborhood. Apply Balahatadi coconut oil every day before bath. If you can get pathyashadhathryadi Kashayam, take I tablespoon of the same morning and evening before food. Avoid very spicy, deep fried items, tamarind. Instead use Kokum wherever necessary. When migraine is about to start apply kachooradi choornam(make paste with hot lemon juice ) on fore head Always sleep in an airy space which has close ventilation. Do Nadisshudhi Pranayama followed by Bhastrika . Make sure that you do not get constipation.
21 A 42 year old female school teacher, I have been suffering from sinus problem since 4 years. Since 3 weeks, I have been experiencing a pain in the chest and feel like coughing whenever I bend or sleep or move my hands. My chest x – ray reports ECG reports are normal, but I still do feel a lot of discomfort, especially in the nights. Kindly Advice.
This occurs mainly because of the accumulation of gas in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). Take every day a soup made of Garcinia camogia( kodumbulli or Kokum) with garlic and greengram ( you may add other spices for palatability). Drink this soup (one glass) two times a day after food and also take Saptamruthaloha 2 + 2 at morning and evening.
22My wife has diabetes and is using bittegourd juice. She also has hypertension, can you please suggest a natural remedy for hypertension too?
Diabetes and hypertension, both require physician supervision, because if hypertension goes out of control it can cause severe conditions like paraplegia, hemiplegia and also can affect the heart. For idiopathic hypertension please try the following. Every morning on empty stomach take three tablespoon of juice of drumstick (Moringa Oleifera ) with one tablespoon of honey .Do not take anything for half an hour. Do this for 41 days. This has given good results in many people. However do check her cause for hypertension. Do go for a walk and do not take heavy food, fried items and red meat.
23 I have heard a lot about Swarnaprasham. What is it? Does it work. Can I give it to my 3 month old infant?
Swarnaprasham is a traditional way of improving newborn’s general immunity. For this one has to use pure gold without any copper in it. Normally a golden thread is made with gold and is made with pure gold and is penetrated into an Acorus calamus ( Vayambu ) stick and on a grinding stone a few drops of honey is spread and the stick is ground 5- 10 times. The resultant paste is put on the tongue of newborn for 41 days. Gold is an important element in brain function. Scriptures mention that it helps in memory also. Swarnaprasham also helps in slowing down ageing process. After the age of 45 it increases libido. For that swarna in bhasma form is used. A good physician should be consulted, because dosage, duration and time of swarna intake is very important for its action.
24A 43 year old marketing professional, have been experiencing lower back pain, especially in the mornings. My weight is 97 kilograms, height is 5.11, and the demands from my work pressure leave me usually very tensed. Of late, my blood pressure has also increased and I am taking a tablet daily (Telmisat 40mg) to control it. Please suggest an Ayurvedic remedy.
Your pain seems to be due to your overweight. You have to reduce at least 15 kilograms. To strengthen your bones, take Gandha thailam 10 drops with warm milk at night for 10 months. Do something to reduce weight. Go for walking. Once you reduce your weight your blood pressure also may be reduced. For weight reduction there are exercises, diet and medicine.
25I am 46 years and suffering from hypothyroidism since almost two years. Presently I am on Allopathic treatment. I am taking tab.Thyronorm, tab.Fibator and tab.Tozar for last one year. Before treatment my TSH level was about 12 and after a year when tested last December 17th 2008 it was 0.014. My weight is about 79 to 81kilograms. I have poor appetite and digestive AGNI is poor. I feel my belly is full even with a small amount of food. My Cholesterol level was above 400 point and now after the test in December it is observed to be approximately 100. I have gas problem, my libido is decreasing day by day. Even after this thyroid treatment it is not improved. I am worried about it. What are the reasons for decreased libido and how to balance the body hormones? Now I find my vision is also getting blurred. Kindly advice.
Please check your sugar level also, because some of the conditions are indicating an increase in glucose level. Continue with thyroid medicine as it is keeping the condition under control. You did not mention your height. If your height is less than 5.7 feet then you need to reduce your weight. Go for walking. Taking Hinguvachadi choornam with buttermilk, four times a day before food is good for your digestion and will reduce the gas problem. Put some Hinguvachadi Gulika in the mouth. Take Poothikaranjasavam 30ml at night after food. Take one teaspoon of Kapikacchu choornam and Ashwagandha choornam with milk to improve your libido. You should consult an ophthalmologist if necessary to find out whether there is a need of a reading glass. Do oil massage once a week. Since you are in Bangalore, you may visit Ramaiah Indic Specialty Ayurveda.
26 Could you please let me know about the possible side effects of shilajith? Is this also helpful in stress? Can someone consume it without consulting an Ayurvedic doctor? Is this is also helpful in treating sinus (Frontal)? Where do I procure this form?
Shilajith is a mineral product that comes out of certain kinds of rock which has got split by continuous sunrays. It oozes out and comes out in a semi liquid form like latex from a rubber tree. Training is needed for its collection from the rock. This is used in Bhasma form. If taken in small doses there will not be any side effects. It is used in chest congestion, fibrosis of lungs like ILD etc, it is also used in sinus and also increases semen quality and is an Aphrodisiac. Shilajith should be used only under the supervision of a good Ayurvedic Physician.
27A 40 year old working female, I have been experiencing slight pain in my knees since 4 months. Already experimented with applying pain relief balms, my pain still continues. Is this a start of osteoporosis? Kindly help as I am scared to go in for a surgery later in my life.
Knee pain may not be due to osteoporosis, it may be due to osteoarthritis, which is a kind of bone degeneration at major weight bearing joints like knee, pelvic girdle etc. Start taking Kokilakshaka root (Asteracantha Longifolia ) decoction. Cut the roots into small pieces and slightly crush and boil them in 500ml of water, reduce the water to 250 ml and take 125ml of the decoction in the morning with a pinch of pepper or dried ginger or both. Take the remaining 125ml in the evening. Apply Prabhanjana Vimardhana kuzumbu(warm) on both knees and massage for 5 minutes each.
28My mother who is 55 years of age has suddenly developed some rashes all over her body, which continue to itch. We have observed that these rashes seem to increase whenever she goes out in the sun or during summer season. Is there any Ayurveda remedy for her condition?
It is not clear whether she has some problem other than rashes. However, let her take Saribadyasavam 30ml after food for 40 days. Do not give her reheated food.
29 I have a 7 year old daughter with a productive cough. The problem is she is not able to get the phlegm out. The cough is very “loose”. Are there any other ways to remove phlegm other than coughing?
Give her regularly 2 times a day (morning and evening) 1 teaspoon of Agastya Rasayanam followed by warm water for 1 month. Give her Karpooradi choornam 1 pinch mixed with honey. This will bring out the phlegm. Stop giving her anything cold including cold water. Do not give her fresh fruits for 1 month or till the phlegm subsides.
30My one year 2 month old girl is suffering from cold and cough. Can you suggest home remedies for her? Moreover we have a tough time feeding her. I have started giving her normal food that we have (without chilli). She prefers fruits like banana, apple, orange, and papaya but with cough is it advisable to give these fruits. She also has a sweet tooth, though sweet is not a regular feature in her diet. Please advise.
Is your child being breast- fed now? If so, then mother should be careful with her food and should take light food, which is easily digestible. For your daughter, take one leaf of Coleus Aromaticus, apply castor oil on both its sides, put on hot tava and put the warm leaf on the center part of child’s head. Put a pinch of turmeric powder in diluted hot milk and give her. Give her warm water to drink. Sweets and fruits are not advisable at this stage. But still, since she is too small, do not stop giving her fruits completely. You can give her banana (steam cooked) dressed with ghee. Apply half a pinch of Rasnadi choornam on her head at night and rub it slightly for three days only.
31My friend is 24 years old, she has been suffering from migraine since 15 years. Earlier she used to take Saridon or some pain killer tablets to get rid of her head ache but now a days these pain killers are not affecting on her any more. Symptoms are severe pain on the back of the eyes along with nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, dizziness and difficulty in looking at bright light. She gets migraine attacks once in a month. Apart from this, she does not get proper sleep at nights. Please advise some Ayurveda treatment for this disease. And also let me know where can we get these medicines in Delhi
Migraine is always chronic and troubles the people for years together. In Ayurveda method, it needs at least 14 days of in house rigorous treatment including Purificatory measures like Panchakarmas. A good Ayurvedic doctor can help you in this. You may start with Varunadi Gritham, warm, 1 tablespoon at bedtime followed by a cup of warm milk or water and take Pathyaksha-Dhatryadi Kashyam, 15ml with 45ml of water, morning and evening, empty stomach. Also massage your head with Balahatadi Thailam half hour before head bath. Apply a paste of sandalwood made in rose water whenever the migraine occurs. Take lots of fruits, cooked vegetables and milk. Avoid Curds, deep fried items and pickles. Reduce salt and sour items. Always sleep in a highly cross-ventilated room. Practice meditation and Pranayama under an experienced teacher. Normally this will be helpful.
32My son is 14 years old. During winter season he has cold, running nose and sneezing and sometimes he gets wheezing also. Please tell us a remedy. And generally I find his breathing is little fast compared to us. Please advise as to what sort of food to be given and what homemade medicine to be given and cause of this. My daughter is 10 years old and once in 5- 6 months she suffers from indigestion problem. She has loose motion, vomiting and fever. Please advise the remedy and cause of this.
For your son, give him Chyavanaprasha of a good brand and if he is in the habit of applying oil on his head before bath, make an oil at home as follows, Heat 25ml of coconut oil in a small vessel, add a few grains of pepper(broken), few petals of chopped small onion, one small piece of dry ginger(1gm) and 1 pinch of jeera. When the jeera becomes reddish, remove the oil from stove and apply warm. Ideally you can prepare it for 3 days at a time. After bath, let him apply I pinch of Rasnadi choornam on his head and rub it. Give him lot of cooked vegetables to eat, no fruits for some time, no curds and deep fried items. His breathing is faster that affects his lungs through congestion. This shows that his lung is congested, so give him every day 5 buds of pippali powder mixed with honey for 14 days. For your daughter, give her regularly 1 teaspoon of Astachoornam with buttermilk twice a day before food. The cause of this can be weak agni(digestive juice). Asta choornam with buttermilk will improve this and also she should take every day one gooseberry size of curry leaf ground into paste with one cardamom.
33Is there an Ayurvedic preparation to treat diabetes? What is your esteemed opinion on the plant called Madhunashini?
Diabetes is of two types, insulin dependent type 2 is very difficult to cure. Known as Madhumeha in Ayurveda, it comes under Maharogas (great diseases which are incurable). But in the case of diabetes type 1(Diabetes mellitus) which is not insulin dependent and where the beta cells are still active and can produce insulin and the problem is with its action on glucose conversion, then Ayurveda has excellent remedies. It may differ from person to person according to the condition. But as first step, any one with diabetes can try a combination of fresh turmeric, fresh gooseberry and methi in equal quantity (a total of 5gm in the morning and evening) Followed by diluted buttermilk. This generally helps but people with high sugar levels should seek help from experienced doctors. The plant Madhunashini is described in Siddha system and not explained in Ayurveda Classics. In some types of diabetes, Madhunashini is said to be useful. The Japanese have taken 6 patents on its diabetic activity. It can be tried in certain kinds of Diabetes.
34I am a 39 year old asthmatic patient, and during winters my condition gets even worse. I have to depend on inhalers during the night, and in the whole process. I have been gaining a lot of weight. I need a solution both for my weight loss as well as asthma, what do I do?
Asthma is a chronic condition, which can create more difficulties in winter. Here the diet is very important. Do not take any milk products in any form other than fresh ghee. Do not take fish and red meats. Avoid any fermented food like baked items. No sweets or deep fried items. You should take lots of fresh vegetables (cooked), and greens. Take other food as usual. Stop taking rice in the evening. Apply coconut oil processed with a spoon of camphor and massage chest for 30 minutes and give a hot wet fomentation. Take two Swasanandam tablets crushed and powdered and mixed with 50ml of Kanakasava morning and evening after food. Since you are in Bangalore, Visit the clinic at MSRICAIM. Some purification treatment will be extremely useful.
35 Doctor, I am in constant pain due to my sore throat. I experience difficulty even while drinking water and talking. I have used salt water for gargling in the morning even that has not helped my condition. Any easy to follow and quick relief remedy is what I am seeking.
If your sore throat is there for such a long duration, it has to be treated by a physician. However, please try for one week gargling with Madhuyastyadi thailam. Stop drinking anything which is not boiled and warm. No ice cream, no fruits. Apply with the help of a cotton swab Triphala choornam mixed with honey all over the inflammed throat area. This need not be spitted out. It can go inside. Do not take head bath till the sore throat disappears. Do all these things and inform us.
36My husband 43 years of age is diabetic and is taking his insulin shots regularly. I am giving him a glass of fresh wheat grass juice every day in the morning since 6 months. I want to know whether this is helpful in controlling his diabetes. Is there any other home remedy that that will keep his sugar level under control?
Taking wheat grass juice is good. But it need not control the diabetes, but can help in checking the sudden increase in the blood sugar. If he is completely dependent on insulin, it will be difficult to stop it. In certain cases we are able to bring down the insulin dose quite considerably. Can you get hold of fresh guduchi/gudbel (Tinospora Cordifolia). Take the stem of the plant, cut into small pieces and crush it lightly and put in hot water, at night. Next morning squeeze the stem and filter this water and drink it early morning empty stomach. Take for 41 days and stop it for a week’s time and again start. Like this you can continue till the sugar level is under control to some extent. Also at night take 1 teaspoon of Triphala choorna in hot water. Make it a habit to eat fibrous food and greens regularly. Do not take curds. Go for walking, morning and evening or at least once.
37Can Ayurveda treat piles? My age is 55 years, and I am experiencing painful stools laced at times with blood. I have got my tests done and there is no evident stomach infection, which rules out the possibility of any sort of dysentery. I feel embarrassed to approach any doctor for this malady what do I do?
Piles can be due to chronic constipation and extra strain on circular veins at anal orifice. Make sure that the bowel is loose all the times. Take a lot of fruits and leafy vegetables to improve the bowel movement. Avoid chillies and deep fried items. Take as much as possible, one day old buttermilk. You can take up to 1 ltr / day in divided doses. If this helps no medicines are required. Otherwise contact us. We will advise you for a course of treatment as per Ayurveda. Please be assured that this can assured that this can be managed.
38 I am 35 year old software professional. I have to be in front of my computer at least 10 hours a day. Of late I have been experiencing pain in my eyes with occasional headaches too. There is a lot of itching sensation in my eyes and they remain red for most of the time in a day. Should I consult an ophthalmologist or eating carrots will take care of my problem? In my busy schedule, I am not able to squeeze in time for a visit to the doctor even. At the end of the day, I feel too tired and exhausted. What do I do as a first step?
For computer professionals, it is good to do Tarpanam and Shirodhara for 7 days or 14 days once a year. Tarpanam is the process of retaining medicated soothing ghee in the eyes for a certain period of time. It will strengthen the eye muscles and improve the functions of the nerves. Try to wash our eyes every evening with a decoction of Triphala choornam. Take one teaspoon of Mahatriphala Gritham(warm) at bedtime followed by warm water. Since you feel so tired and exhausted take 60ml of Sreekantasava after dinner. Apply Triphaladi Tailam on head every day ½ hour before head bath. With all these things if followed meticulously for a month you will find good relief.
39I am a 49 year old teacher. I have been suffering from vertigo for the last 14 yrs. Now for the past one year it has become severe. I fall down frequently. My hearing is also slightly affected. Now I am regularly taking. Zevert 8g thrice daily for the last one year. I am advised not to drive also. The frequent falling down has stopped. Still I feel some discomfort (as if I am loosing balance) even while along busy roads. The sound from the vehicles, particularly the sound of horns causes irritation to my ears which in turn gives me a feeling as I am going to fall down. I have severe pain in my knee and elbow joint some times for which I am using Dhanwantaram thailam. Is there any Ayurvedaic treatment which can completely cure my vertigo problem?
This may be due to dryness of the semilunar valve in the middle ear. The ENT specialist might have told you. ◦ Please apply Triphaladi coconut oil on head ½ hr before bath. ◦ Put few drops of Devadaru thailam in both ears and take 2 nos. of Saptamruthaloham tablets before food twice and eat fresh greens cooked and mixed with ghee every day with a pinch of pepper and salt.
40My mother who is 65 years of age has been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, and she is already taking her medicines. I would like to know if Ayurveda has a cure for this condition and does she need to take any lifestyle precautions.
Hypothyroidism needs to be treated under the guidance of a physician. Since it involves hormonal changes I do not know what medicines she is taking and what is the result of the earlier thyroid tests, is she gaining weight? If you can provide more details, we would try to help.
41 I am having Amruth vel ( Tinospera cordifolia) in my house on neem tree: lot of stem of Tinospora has spread on the trunk and branches of the neem tree. What is the medicinal use of the amruth vel stem and how to use?
Tinospora Cordifolia is a very good immuno- enhancing agent and is proven radical scavenger, which mean, it can remove any unassimiliated particles from the body. Take a handful of fresh Tinospora Cordifolia stem, remove the outer brown skin (not the thick green skin), cut into small pieces and crush it slightly. Put this in 200ml of hot water and keep it overnight. Next day morning squeeze the stem to this water, filter and drink it with 1 tablespoon of honey on empty stomach. For diabetic people, dry the stem well and grind into fine powder or seive it after making it into coarse powder. Take 2 teaspoons full of the powder I the morning and night. It will help to bring down the sugar level. In all kinds of fever take a handful of Tinospora Cordifolia stems crushed, an inch of dried ginger and boil in 1 litre of water, reduce to 240ml and filter it and take 80ml of this decoction thrice a day for 3 days. There are many such uses of Tinospora cordifolia. I have given you a few examples.
42A 48 year old house wife, I suffer from broken sleep and while my general physician has prescribed sleeping pills, these have all proved too powerful for me – the effects leave me feeling drowsy the whole of the following day. I am interesting in trying some herbal remedies now, kindly help.
Please take 1 cup of buffalo milk ( warm) mixed with 2 manasa mitra vatakam pills powdered at bedtime. Pour tap water on both the legs for 2-3 minutes and dry well before sleep. Apply 5 drops of ksheerabala oil on the head by 7 o’clock in the evening. Take little heavy food in the night than normal. Normally we advise to take light food in the night, but in this condition little heavy food is helpful.
43I am a 65 year old retired army colonel and have led a very active life all throughout. Of late, I have been experiencing very low energy levels and in the past two months, have lost almost 5 kgs of weight although my diet is absolutely normal (strictly vegetarian). All my routine health check-ups are normal, but still I feel very weak. I go for walk in morning and evening for about thirty minutes daily, but after that I feel very tired. How do I regain my lost energy?
Please take Ashwagandaristam every day 50ml after lunch and dinner ( only if you are not diabetic person) . A full body massage by Professional masseurs once a week with Dhanwantara tailam will be useful. Take fresh Amla, remove the seeds and make its juice in a mixer and add 1 spoon of fresh lime juice, little pepper, salt or sugar for taste and have this daily morning. Drink one or two tender coconuts water once a day. If you can get good Chyavanprash, take 1 tablespoon at bedtime followed by a cup of warm milk. Deep breathing (pranayama) morning and evening for 10 minutes will be extremely useful.
44I am a 38 year old married woman with two sons aged 13 years and 10 years. A year ago I was diagnosed with the cyst in my ovary, which was detected when I approached my doctor for heavy bleeding and painful monthly periods. I was advised a surgery, but I did not undergo as I was scared. So till today, my condition and suffering remains the same & take painkillers to ease off my pain. Can my condition be improved with Ayurvedic treatment or is surgery the only answer?
This condition can be improved by Ayurvedic medicines. Avoid taking red meat, urad dhal products and deep fried items under guidance of a good Ayurvedic physician, take varanadi kashayam and vatsyamayantaka Grutham with Guggulupanchapala churna and Sukumararistam.
45My son 19 years of age is an enthusiastic sports person. 1 month ago, while playing badminton, he had a mighty fall and ended up having torn ligaments in his left thigh. Can immediate oil massage improve his condition or should he just wait with rest for some more days as advised by the general physician. Will he be able to play, well in further matches or will this be a hindrance to his future? Kindly advice.
Apply Murivenna taila daily for 14 days on the painful spot. Dip a piece of cotton in that warm oil and apply it on the affected area for 30 minutes. Give maximum rest to that affected area for a month or so. Take Shashtika tailam 1 spoon with hot milk in the morning and take kaishoraguggulu crushed and powdered and mixed with 30 ml of Balaristam 2 times a day after food. Later he can continue to pursue his sports career.
46I feel that my 2 year old daughter is not gaining her weight is only 9.5 kilograms and growth is also very slow. She eats well, but dislikes having milk. I have tried giving her Pediasure and other growth supplements but she looks very small, although very active. Can you please suggest some traditional foods and medicines that will increase her weight and height?
Give her cooked and mashed banana with ghee and sugar every day. Also give her Arvindasavam 10ml mixed with 1 pinch of Rajinyadi choornam after food for 3 times a day. If you know a good Ayurvedic place nearby, a 14 days course of Navara Theppu,(which will take 1 hour) after application of lakshadi thailam all over the body. Give her food in small quantities at frequent intervals for 6- 7 times a day. Give Asta choornam 1 pinch mixed with honey before food. All these can definitely increase her weight and complexion, but height is a genetically determined factor.
47A 43 year old marketing professional, have always been a victim of frequent stomach upsets and high blood pressure ( last two years). I have not been able to enjoy my meals due to the problem ( I like spicy food), and feel continuously in an irritable state . I want to get rid of this unhealthy state of mind and body now. Can you please suggest me some easy to follow food regimen, habits and medicines?
What you need is a cup of buttermilk, boiled with pomegranate rind and little ginger, little turmeric, jeera and curry leaves and salt to taste. It is very palatable. Take before and after your each meal i e 4-6 times a day. Avoid eating junk foods especially deep fried items. Do this for 2-3 weeks and you will forget that you had this problem.
48I am a 49 year old married lady having two sons of 12 years and 7 years. Since my second delivery, I am facing heavy hair fall. After I suffered chicken gunya fever last year, the condition has worsened, along with this, my grey hair is also increasing. Please help me through the Ayurveda and suggest the medicines that can be taken.
Take 1 tablespoon of ghee with hot food every day. Apply Bringamalkadi coconut oil and do not use any shampoo. Apply paste of hibiscus leaves during bath to remove oil. Take Narsimha rasayana 1 tablespoon at night. Avoid taking deep fried items, pickle and curds. Do not keep awake in the night. Sleep 15 minutes after dinner. Take lots of fruits and steam cooked vegetables. Take green gram soup and green vegetables. Reduce urad dal and strong tea. This helps in reducing the hairfall .Grey hair also will be reduced but that can be more focused upon after the hair fall problem is over.
49A 37 year old marketing professional leading a hectic life, I have been suffering from high blood pressure since six years. I have reduced the intake of salt in my diet and go for my morning walks regularly. Is there any traditional medicine for keeping my blood pressure under control? Also, my cholesterol level is in borderline .
To reduce blood pressure first of all you have to clean your system and reduce your cholesterol level. You may have to do some detoxification procedures with laxatives then take medicine to improve your agni or digestion. Start using 3 tablespoon of fresh juice of drumstick (moringa) leaves with 1 tablespoon of honey early morning, empty stomach. Take 1 teaspoon panchakola choorna mixed with 1 tablespoon of roasted and powdered horsegram mixed with honey after dinner. Take 1 tablespoon of Triphaladi choorna followed by 1 cup of hot water at bedtime. Do not take curds, deep fried items, pickles and refrigerated and reheated food. Take plenty of water boiled and cooled to drink, processed with a pinch of cumin seed (jeera). Take food regularly on time. Eat only bland and simple food. Do this for 1 month and see the improvement on both cholesterol and blood pressure. Then we can decide for the next course of treatment.