About the program

To meet the need for training programs for paramedical staff, RISA proposes to initiate an education and training programs for therapists. The program will focus on a holistic development of the therapist trainee in all spheres including technical knowledge and soft skills. The program will be conducted by qualified staff and will include extensive theory classes and practical demonstration sessions. The trainee therapists will also be allowed to administer therapies under supervision to enable hands-on experience. Communication and demeanor (non-verbal skills) of the therapists will be specifically emphasized as they are in direct contact with the end users. Periodic assessments are designed to ensure effective penetration of course material. Course duration: 1year - 1000 hours (class room theory of 600 hours and practical teaching of 400 hours) + 6 months Internship Periodic assessments once in 2 months. Final assessment and certification by RISA at end of 1 year

Course content:

  • Module I- TECHNICAL SKILLS: Fundamentals principles of Ayurveda, physiology, anatomy, about medicinal plants, Panchakarma procedures, concept of swasthavritha- well-being and basic nursing procedures
  • Module II - YOGA: Basics of yoga
  • Module III – HOUSEKEEPING SKILLS: includingNABH standards of Panchakarma departments
  • Module IV- COMMUNICATION AND SOFT SKILLS: including basic computer knowledge

No. of participants

10 students

Panel of advisors

Dr. G.G.Gangadharan Dr. Girija Kumari.T.K Dr. Swetha S. Suvarna Dr. Shashidhara G. Dr. Sriranjini S. Jaideep

Course co-ordinator

Dr. Vidya.A.M.R

Teaching faculty

Dr.G G Gangadharan, Dr.Girija Kumari.T.K, Dr.Sriranjini.S. Jaideep, Dr. Swetha S Suvarna. Dr. Rekha Ramankutty, Dr. Vinayak Holechi Dr. Kusuma T V, Dr. Vidya A M R, Dr. Anisha E P, Dr. Ramya B H, Dr. Ambili, Dr. Lovelin, Dr. Shalini